María José Figueroa

She is Head Coach of the Junior-Teens Categories (ATFA 2020); student of the bachelor´s degree in Physical Education and Sports at Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda (UNDAV). National Head Coach student at Escuela Nicolás Avellaneda. Militante feminista.

She has been the treasurer and a member of La Nuestra coaching team since 2014, with experience in recreational activities, community sports and childhood. She is a community worker and gives group and individual support to teens in sports programmes (Teens Programme, Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires 2016-2019). A change agent in the areas of physical education, sports and recreation for women (Ellas se Juegan National Programme, Rafael Calzada, 2015), she gave a Circus and Juggling Workshop for Teenagers (Youth Detention Center Manuel Belgrano, CABA, 2012-2014); change agent in recreational areas for boys and girls (Association of Community Organizations, Villa 20, CABA, 2008-2011).